NOTICE to ALL 2017-2018 Undergraduate Admissions applicants with incorrect and incomplete data.

Announcement to applicants with incorrect or incomplete data for 2017-2018 undergraduate admissions

This is to inform applicants on the attached list who applied for admission into the UR undergraduate programmes for 2017-2018, that they are required to provide correct information to enable the processing of their applications. The required information is indicated in the comments column.

Please note the following;

1. Applicants with foreign qualifications are required to submit hard copies of the application form and supporting documents. Those who are in the country can submit them physically to the office of the University Registrar, and those who are outside the country can scan and e-mail them to

2. Applicants with local qualifications acquired before 2012 are also required to complete the application form available on the website. 3. The deadline for the submission of the required information is 26th July 2017.

4. The deadline for applications from International and local private candidates is extended to 30th July 2017.

Done at Kigali on 14th July 2017

Professor Nelson Ijumba

Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Research

Download the signed Notice here

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The Office of University Registrar is Located at :

Gikondo-Mburabuturo(Fomer SFB)

UR Headquarters Building, 5th Floor 5R2